Pro Solid Design's approach to product development is a flexible process that is designed to optimize development through phase reviews. We take you through a methodical process to ensure that cross-functional teams work together and leverage their knowledge. Through a combination of processes, tools, and data we help you achieve a clear view of the factors that will affect the performance of your product. By combining our extensive experience in product development and our best practices, we guide you through identifying and implementing the features that will have the most impact in making your product successful in the marketplace.


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Key components of our process include:

• Identification of the phases required for your project

• Identifying the roles of all product development participants

• Communicating the development process phases and key documents

• Assigning and agreeing upon the roles and responsibilities of all the participants

INDUSTRIAL design & rendering

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Pro Solid Design will create sketches and 3D CAD models of various industrial design concepts for your product.

We'll provide you with photo realistic renderings. The renderings are used to make aesthetic decisions early in the design process. Renderings can show many different material and color options. Decals such as bar codes, silk screen images, and company logos can be added. Renderings are also a cost effective way to show your products. They can be used to begin marketing your product prior to making prototypes. Getting the jump on the competition is becoming even more important these days. Displaying images of your new product at trade shows and in sales presentations is possible even before the engineering process is complete.


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Virtual Prototyping

Pro Solid Design offers expert level Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services. These services are also known as Virtual Prototyping. FEA is used to analyze a new design or to refine an existing design to get specific results. Using these advanced simulation software tools, reduces project costs and gets products to market faster. It also reduces the number of iterations of physical prototyping that would otherwise be required. FEA analysis is used to predict the outcomes of complicated real world situations. It is performed prior to spending money on costly prototypes. We compare alternative design approaches and optimize the alternatives to obtain the best solution to meet the design goals.

Rapid Prototyping

Our services include in-house FDM prototyping. With our valued partnerships we can also provide you with many types of rapid prototype such as (SLA) stereo lithography. Rapid Prototyping is becoming a fundamental phase of today's Product Development Process. It provides a hands-on example of the product. Rapid prototyping allow us to quickly verify form, fit and function of designs. The early intervention of rapid prototypes can save months of work, and speed up the completion of the project. Rapid prototypes may often be used to test the product design. Many of our customers use them for marketing. A realistic prototype can be used to sell your idea to perspective distributors and investors.

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Functional Prototypes

Pro Solid Design provides functional prototyping capabilities. We can fabricate prototypes using several different methods. We offer sheet metal and machined prototyping. We have world class machinists on our team that can quickly make accurate prototypes, including welding. We also have alliances with a large list of certified vendors that will fabricate prototypes for any project at a reasonable price.


Pro Solid Design will perform testing of your product based on the designs performance requirements. .


Outsourcing your engineering project to us will save you time and money. Using our services will improve your company's bottom line. We will increase your productivity while decreasing your product development costs. We save you the cost of finding, managing, training, compensating direct employees and the cost of buying CAD software and computer equipment.

  • All development is done right here in the USA
  • Prototyping and testing capabilities
  • State-of-the-art computer technologies and software
  • Partnered with manufacturers that provide quality cost effective services
  • Provide patent assistance and protection of your Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Experts in manufacturing process technologies (Plastics, Castings, Sheet metal, etc.)


  • Plastic and Casting Design Expertise
  • Sheet Metal Design Expertise
  • Project Management Team
  • Virtual Prototyping and Photo Rendering
  • Rapid Prototyping

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