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Product Design and Development Consultants

User centered, strategy driven design solutions

Specialize in solving unique and difficult design problems

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Creative Solutions
Through Design...

Project Management

Our complete range of industry leading product
development services ensure that you have access
to the resources to create innovative products

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Think Big...
Let's change the world together

We'll help you take your ideas to production

By pursuing design and manufacturing excellence, we create award winning
designs that add value and build market share

Our designs will clearly differentiate your products from the competition

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Product Design

We provide user centered, strategy driven design solutions and specialize in solving difficult design problems using 3D CAD modeling and analysis.

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Our PMI PMP certified Project Managers will tailor the project plan with our flexible process that is designed to optimize development through phase reviews.


We leverage 3D Printing technology to develop game changing new products. We provide a wide variety of rapid prototyping services such as fused deposition modeling (FDM).

Assembly &
Testing Services

Our capabilities include building and testing of functional prototypes and production components and systems. Our engineers are experts in mechanical, electronic and software testing,

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We provide innovative solutions for our customers

Pro Solid Design is a full-service product development firm that delivers innovative solutions that will drive your business forward. See how our process can work for you.

Our Services

Our full-service capabilities allow us to handle every step of the process from research and design to prototyping, manufacturing and marketing.


Pro Solid Design has a proven track record in the development of a wide range of products and as a result, developed multiple areas technical expertise.


Pro Solid Design has certified PMI-Project Management Professionals (PMP)© that will manage our projects using our Stage Gate process and we also provide consulting services for Project Management if you need help on your internal projects.


We provide experienced engineering and consulting services to many companies ranging in size from start-up companies to large, global companies including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Thermal Analysis.


We are experienced at building prototypes to help you make informed product decisions. From rapid concept prototyping to aesthetic and functional prototypes, our engineers will create concept prototypes of your idea and will prepare them for testing and validation.

Assembly Services


Pro Solid Design automation experts are ready to help solve your manufacturing challenges. We engage closely with our clients, and utilize our automation development process and tools to break down problems to their fundamental steps to ensure that our factory automation solutions will meet your requirements.

Testing &

In order for a design to be successful, it must pass a variety of verification and validation tests before being introduced to the market. Our engineers conduct on-site and user testing to ensure your idea is ready for production.