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Analysis & Testing Services

We have years of experience combining engineering analysis and technical problem solving to deliver a comprehensive suite of product analysis and testing services, including durability and performance.

We offer a wide selection of testing techniques and environments to ensure that your product will operate as designed and pass rigorous industry requirements. From vibration to environmental conditioning to pressure and shock, we can execute testing programs to keep your product development schedules on track.

Mechanical Analysis:

  • Thermal analysis and design of cooling solutions
  • Shock & Vibration analysis
  • Mechanical EMI Shielding Solutions
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of Injection Molding Components

Our extensive knowledge of consumer electronics and aerospace regulatory requirements let us design for electromagnetic compliance from the start. We address regulatory issues at every phase of your product life-cycle and engineer your product so that compliance at the production phase is a non-issue.


    • EMI/EMC Requirements analysis as applicable to the customer requirements
    • EMI/ EMC Compliance Consulting
    • EMI/EMC Troubleshooting
    • Engineering level testing and troubleshooting