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Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services

We will bring your CAD files and design ideas to life using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and other rapid prototyping techniques. We specialize in prototypes, low volume production parts, tooling, fixturing, and more using our state-of-the-art prototyping technology that keeps costs low and quality output high.

Functional Prototyping and Assembly Services

Pro Solid Design provides rapid prototyping, machining and printed circuit board prototyping services. We provide assembly services to build functional prototypes for testing of new product designs.

Assembly Services


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Advantages of rapid prototyping

We use specialized manufacturing techniques for making high-quality physical models of a 3D design idea. Below is a list of some of the advantages of rapid prototyping your new product designs.

  • Show your customers and investors a physical model of your product
  • Demonstrate the appearance, dimensions and features of your product
  • Test the market with your product before production
  • Save time and money by identifying and reducing design flaws
  • Improve and streamline the production process
  • Create multiple versions with different colors, surface textures and finishing processes

Rapid Prototyping

Speed and affordability are the key principles of rapid prototyping and allow multiple designs of a prototype to be manufactured at once, or one prototype to be revised and re-made in quick succession. These prototypes provide critical information that helps engineers make design decisions before moving to higher fidelity models for functional testing and production.


Rapid prototyping can be used to test a full range of designs and materials since the usual financial and time risk is removed from the equation.

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