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Factory Automation Consulting Services

You can achieve the best automation solutions with Pro Solid Design’s consulting services. Using a collaborative approach, we leverage the experience and expertise of our team, our customers and our manufacturers. We develop creative solutions that solve the toughest manufacturing automation challenges.


With our product and process development experience, we can help you get your product to market faster and more efficiently. We apply our engineering expertise and Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing techniques to streamline your product and manufacturing processes.


We provide complete and comprehensive industrial automation solutions for your machine or production line

Our production automation services:
  • Minimize technical risk by applying expert solutions to your industrial automation problems
  • Offer customized automation solutions and products
  • Help you select appropriate solution providers based on the specific needs of your project
  • Generate profits by streamlining production to be efficient, within budget, and on spec
  • Provide your factory and employees with non-brand-specific, expert training on all aspects of industrial automation